Alexandra is an artist & educator based in Berkeley, California. Originally from Virginia, she studied Sculpture & Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her relationship with clay began shortly after moving to the Bay Area in 2012. 

She creates functional wares that are intended for everyday use, and is drawn towards minimalist forms that maintain an earthy feel. She loves the look and texture of exposed raw clay. Her current body of work is a reflection of California landscapes that surround her  --- deep blues of the Pacific on a clear day, red-brown of long dirt roads, shallow turquoise coves in Big Sur, pale green desert sagebrush, and banks of fog along the coast. 


Email for commissions or wholesale inquiries. 


instagram: @alexandrabarao



Tunnel Records + Beach Goods - Outer Sunset, SF, CA
Needles & Pens - Mission District, SF, CA
Bay-Made - Oakland, CA
Morningtide - Albany, CA
Traveler - Pacifica, CA
The Makery - Mill Valley, CA